In case you’re short on time we’ve taken the key information from our terms and conditions and outlined them below. If you want the full terms and conditions then please scroll further down the page:

  • Betgain is open to all customers over the age of 18 and in all countries where online gambling is permitted
  • In order to receive cashback a user will need to: register with Betgain, signup and deposit with one of our partners through a link on our site, then come back to Betgain (within 30 days) and submit to join a Betgain group
  • A Betgain group refers to the group of members who bet with a specific partner - members are grouped together in this way to support the processing of payments from the partner to Betgain
  • Customers must deposit £10 and stake £10 in order to be fully accepted into a group
  • It can take up to 30 days to verify whether a user has been accepted into a cashback group
  • To maintain cashback payments you must ensure you stake a minimum of £10 each calendar month. If you fail to do this you will not receive cashback payments for that particular month. If you have 6 consecutive months without remaining active you will be removed from the cashback group
  • If you sign up and deposit with one of our partners after the 20th of each month you will not receive cashback for that current month but will start earning cashback from the following month. eg. sign up and deposit with one of our operators on the 21st January and you will qualify for cashback in February to get paid in March
  • For the avoidance of doubt the net revenue is the sum of any positive and negative amounts incurred including licence fees, betting and gaming taxes, payment costs, bonuses and/or loyalty bonuses, jackpot contributions and chargebacks/refunds  (losses).
  • In the event where the total winnings of a group (ie. against one operator) out-weigh the losses then no payments will be made and subsequently any negative amount will be carried over to the following months until the balance has reach £0.
  • The cashback groups are independent of each other. A negative balance in one will not affect the other.
  • The minimum payout that will be processed by Betgain is £5 per person per month. In the case where a customer is due less than £5 the amount will be rolled over into the following months until the payment due is greater than £5.
  • Betgain accepts no responsibility for accounts that have failed to track with our partners. In the case where a claim cannot be verified a user will not be added to a cashback group, however we will do our best to resolve any issues to the best of our ability with the relevant partner.

Full Terms & Conditions

Claim Verification
Any services promoted on this website which offer a cashback incentive require Betgain verification with the partner supplying the product. Therefore you agree that any partner you register or sign up with via Betgain may supply us with limited (non-sensitive) information which can be used for tracking claims.

We will always endeavour to verify claims using the information provided by the user however in certain cases where we are unable to verify the claim a user will be excluded from joining a cashback group.

You accept that any incentives advertised in percentages are based on the profit the group you have joined generates. For the avoidance of doubt the net revenue is the sum of any positive and negative amounts incurred including bonuses awarded by the merchant. In order to receive a % share of the cashback a user must stay active with the merchant. This means making an initial deposit and staking £10 or more each month. After 6 months of inactivity a user will be removed from the cashback group.

The date a user registers with a partner is deemed to be the date the partner has recorded the purchase in their system. Claims submitted to us more than 30 days after the date the user registers with the partner will be declined and will therefore not be verified.

In order for us to calculate payments and verify claims Betgain relies on the information provided by the partner. If for any reason this information is inaccurate, delayed or ceases to exist Betgain is excluded from any liability for incentives in connection with the purchase of products from the operator.

Cashback Payments
Payments made from Betgain to customers are subject to currency conversion rate depending on your selected currency. Payments will be sent to you via your preferred payment method on or around the 15th of each month. If you have not chosen a payment method an email will be sent instructing you on how to collect your cashback. This may involve registering with one of our payments partners – PayPal or Skrill. There may be a small fee for withdrawing your money. Please see either PayPal or Skrill for full details. Users who haven’t selected a preferred payment option will have their cashback paid to our chosen charity Marie Curie.

The total amount payable by Betgain arising from a users’ verified claims is calculated as the sum of the incentive amounts due to them from each partner, including any negative amounts which may result from chargebacks, refunds, winning licence fees, betting and gaming taxes, payment costs and jackpot contributions. We will only ever settle positive amounts due to a customer and will never request payment from a customer for negative balances.

The following partners offer a no negative carryover policy*. At the beginning of every month Betgain will reset accounts associated with these partners to £0 balance and any winnings from previous months will not be carried over:

  • Betfair (Sports and Casino)
  • BetVictor Casino
  • Sky Casino
  • Sky Vegas
  • Sky Bet
  • BetFred (Sports and Casino)
  • Gala
  • Coral
  • Leo Vegas
  • Redbet
  • Omni Casino
  • Genting

The following partners operate a negative carryover policy*. If the total amount payable to you for your referrals' verified claims is negative the amount will be carried forward until it becomes positive:

  • William Hill (Sports and Casino)
  • William Hill Casino Club
  • BetVictor Sports
  • Ladbrokes
  • TitanBet
  • Winner
  • Betway

*Betgain reserve the right to update this list at anytime, and all reasonable efforts will be made to contact any affected customers.

If for any reason commission paid to us by a partner is less than the total sum of payments from verified claims for that partner group then we reserve the right to delay or withhold them until the commission paid by that partner is greater than the total sum of the payments due.

Betgain is able to offer cashback to customers because we receive a commission when a user signs up to a partner through our website. Betgain then shares that commission with members. If a partner declines payment of our commission, is late in paying us our commission or withholds payment of our commission for any reason we reserve the right to withhold payments of cashback or referral commissions due to you as a result of a purchase of a product supplied by that partner until we receive our commission. If there are any changes to the status of Betgain as a website operation or the business model we will advise all customers, otherwise we will continue to make cashback payments to customers.

On the Betgain referral scheme a user can receive one referral bonus per month. In order to receive a referral bonus a user must refer a new customer to Betgain who registers with the provided referral code and then goes on to sign up with one of our partners. In return the referrer will receive a cashback earnings boost which will be applied to the next month’s earnings. If that amount is negative the cashback booster will be held on account until a cashback payment is due and then applied. A user will receive one cashback booster per month no matter how many customers they refer.

Like most websites Betgain uses cookies to enhance the user experience and ease of site use.  We also use cookies to verify your registration with operator sites which in turn enables payment of your cashback. By using this site you agree that we may use cookies.

If you select the 'notify me of new deals & offers' option when signing up you agree to being contacted by Betgain regarding our own promotions (as well as any service messages) or by our partners. If you deselect this option we will not contact you with promotions however we may need to, from time to time, contact you with service messages regarding the site and your cashback. By selecting this option you also accept that we may pass your email address to partners and affiliates for marketing purposes.

Betgain reserves the right to update these Terms and Conditions at any time.

Betgain Pro
Betgain Pro players can earn cashback with enhanced terms.

Betgain Pro is available to all new customers who deposit a minimum of £1,000 within one month of joining and continue to stake at least the same amount each month.

Existing customers are free to join a Betgain Pro group as long as they are not already registered with the same partner. Existing customers who are registered with a Betgain cashback group and want to transfer to Betgain Pro (eg. from a Titan cashback group to Titan Betgain Pro) will need to contact for information on how to set this up.

Any customer who fails to meet minimum deposit will be transferred to the standard Betgain product.

Please refer to the below examples which outline what happens in the event a Betgain Pro member fails to stake at least £1,000 a month:

Amount Staked Outcome
£1,000 or over Receive cashback on your losses.
£1 - £999 On the first two instances of this happening you will receive cashback on your losses after which you will be transferred onto the standard Betgain product
£0 No cashback due however you will remain on the Betgain Pro scheme.

Cashback amounts are subject to change at short notice. If these do change you will be informed via email.

Negative carryover will be applied to every Betgain Pro account, eg. if in month 1 your net revenue is positive then this amount will be carried over to the following month.

Cashback is not earned on any bonus losses. All other Betgain T&Cs apply.